Life Long Hangover

by Lifelong Hangover

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released February 28, 2013

Darra- Guitars and vocals, Rasse - Bass and background vocals, Mikko - Violins, Jaakko - Recording these songs



all rights reserved


Lifelong Hangover Helsinki, Finland

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Track Name: Life Long Hangover
1. Life Long Hangover
I’m sitting alone in my living room/and I have no idea what to do/I don’t feel like playing this guitar anymore
I don’t have an inspiration to write a song/I’m too hungovered to go outside/even thought the weather is nice
and just sitting on this couch with nothing to do/makes me feel way worse than I used to//
Yesterday was a blast/But now it’s already in the past/and now I’m paying the price of having fun
and if this is the only way to enjoy my life, well then I think that my days are done//
I’m hungry as hell but there’s no food to be found/and going to the store is too much for me right now
I have so much stuff here that I think I really need/but why cause electronics are something I can’t eat
and all this useless stuff I have just takes away my space/and it makes this place a mess because I haven’t cleaned in days
I need to get rid of this stuff I need to straighten out my head/Before I will collapse and turn into a living dead
-II- But first I’m gonna have a short nap in my bed
Track Name: 925
2. 925 (nine to five)
Yesterday I was sitting in the city center/waiting for a friend of mine as I was drinking my brew
as I was watching people passing by suddenly something hit me/I realized that no-one noticed me as they were passing through / Like machines or ants people work every day from 9 to 5/Then through the shops they go back home to live their lives/like zombies they walk around not noticing anything/as the system keeps them occupied,/so that they wouldn’t have the time to question nothing//
Is it called life or slavery when you spend all your time at work?/when you can’t sleep in just this one time and turn off the alarm clock/you never had the time to think about how we’re all controlled by cash/
money buys your home and food so find more work fast//
Open your eyes, take control of your life/take back what they stole from you/your freedom, your choice, your body, your voice/no-one should make profit from the work of your hands -II- You make a buck an hour, your boss sells it for two/
don’t let him exploit you, don’t be his prostitute/your life: your choice, your body: your voice, take back what they have stolen from you!
Track Name: Planning my escape
3. Planning my escape
Finland is not for me I wanna go south/Escape the next winter, get out of this town/Sure it’s nice in the summer/
But when the summer starts it’s already over//
And I’ve already seen these streets, these people and all that here is to see/Here’s nothing left for me to explore/
so get me out or just let me be//Finland is not… Escape the next…/ sure here is all that I could ever need/but I need something more so that I can feel like I can breathe//
So if you have some room in your squat or your home/I’ll grab my guitar and be ready to roll/just give me a call, you should know that I’m always waiting/for a chance to escape so that I can fell like I’m living// And if we get broke it won’t really matter/ cause then we’ll go on the street corner/we’ll play some songs to get food and something to drink/we’ll play the songs that we’ve always loved to sing/Baby I’m an anarchist! will echo in the city/and we will always have this memory/of living our lives in the moment happily/because everything always turned out perfectly/
Track Name: A Love Letter To Politicians
4. A love letter to politicians
Hey mr. politic can I ask you a few questions?/how does it feel to have my life in your hands/taking the money from the poor and seeing them starve/ do you feel like a king who can steal anyones land? /when you leave to work where you rarely have to go/avoiding been spotted and keeping your head down low/how do you feel when you see the headlines of today/which say thousands killed because of your political play /Because you traded the poor and the innocent for more profit/and when we cried for help you said “you can just forget it!”/how do you sleep at night?/well I guess that you sleep fine/with your sleeping pills next to your beloved money pile // And so you’re the butcher we’re your pigs/one at a time we’re slaid for meat/you’re the butcher we’re your pigs on your dinner plate –II- And our blood is the paint.. of your walls// -II- /now you can cover your actions for a while/but the truth is that they will never disappear/and I can see the bloodstains on your hands/which you can never wash away
/Not today/and not on the day/when these pigs will break out and come after you…some day
Track Name: Falling Down
6. falling down
I wanna punch the great creator in the face/for ever bringing me to this fucked up place/for making my life and my head a mess/ for all the stress that prevents my rest //I know that this world is kinda shit/but still I try to make the most out of it// I have found the true meaning of life/wake up, escape reality and die/wear a mask to hide and protect your true self/you’ll lose every time with the cards that you’ve been dealt /and even if life gave you good cards/not fucking it up is impossibly hard/bet your life on the line when your conscious fills/too bad that the house; it always seems to win/and by the time that you’ll realize this/you’ll already be..just fucked! //–II-// And so we keep falling just to get up; and start falling again.
Track Name: True 'till Deaf
7. true ‘till deaf
When I was young I found this fire deep inside my heart/it made me mad at this society and so I wanted to tear it apart/ I attended some protests because I thought the system was insane but no-one heard our voice and all stayed the same/we got frustrated, some of us dropped out, but we continued and looked for new ways to be found /Nowdays the fire inside my heart is in every song I write and it’ll stay with me until I die/ it’s in the attitude, in the things I do/and it keeps me wanting to create something new //So let’s share our ideas and never give up/let the world know that we’ll never shut up/let’s unite with the people from all over the world/have a national parade and make everyone heard!//